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by Baptiste.Hautdidier — last modified 2014-02-05 14:44

Agent-based modelling framework and application at municipality level in case study regions


The design and application of the agent-based modelling framework (ABMF) will be performed in two steps. Step one will develop a pilot, and step two will adapt the modelling framework and policy implications at municipality level in case study regions.

Step 1:

  • To develop an agent-based simulation framework (ABMF) at the municipality level consisting of several sub-models: (i) to identify the main trends in social-ecological dynamics, and in particular in land use, structural change, ecosystem services, and tourism; (ii) to identify how policies affects these trends.
  • To evaluate the uncertainties of results and validate the framework
  • To apply the framework to a pilot case and validate with stakeholders

Step 2:

  • To adapt simulation models to municipalities in different regional settings based on the methodology developed in step 1
  • To compile all information required for regionally adapted simulation models based on pilot case experience
  • To adjust the ABMF to regional case studies
  • To carry out simulations for results to be used in stakeholder Workshops in WP2


See the associated public deliverables here


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