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by Baptiste.Hautdidier — last modified 2014-02-05 14:49

Improvement of Impact Assessment


WP6 aims at the enhancement of Impact Assessment (IA) methodology in the fields of screening, scoping and assessment. Indicators of the three main dimensions of sustainability (economic, social and environmental), thresholds and impact matrix methods will be enhanced for the purpose of scaling down policy impacts of the economic and land uses activities, by reflecting results of ABM, aggregated models, policy analysis and stakeholder participation.

The work package has three main objectives:

  1. To translate the transformed outputs of WP3 and WP5 (i.e. population parameters and land-use change) into indicators that are comparable to the indicators that come out WP4
  2. To implement the impact assessment analysis
  3. To enhance IA methodologies. Aim is (i) to confront PRIMA outputs to criteria defining the screening and the scope of SIA, SEA and EIA guidelines, (ii) to enhance these two dimensions of procedures assessment and by the way (iii) to increase impact assessment efficiency.



See the associated public deliverables here

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